User experience is
human experience.

We believe that everyone deserves the best. Our interactions form our experiences. It’s no different on the web. Through creative, thoughtful design, we can improve the user experience (UX)—and put people first.

User experience is a process.

We can help every step of the way. UX is there from the moment a project breathes life. It’s in the planning stages, development, and launch. It’s in the goals you track and the analyses of user interactions. UX isn’t a stage in the timeline. It’s the foundation.

User experience is for everyone.

We believe anyone can harness this power. Why is UX for you? Because you want the best outcome: users who feel engaged and—most importantly—understood. You don’t need credentials to do this. You simply need to be a human who wants to help other humans. UX is a journey, and we’re here to guide you.

UX vs. UI

Essential to UX is the User Interface (UI), the pretty face on the strong body of research and development. UI is a digital presence that is attractive, welcoming, and responsive. UX encompasses UI, but they’re both crucial for success.

About the User Experience Office

We take a collaborative, holistic approach to great UX design. We look at what should be done and why, how we can do it best, and most importantly, who it’s for.


What will we build, and what will it be like?


What’s our strategy, and how can we integrate existing IU systems?


Why are we doing this, and why is it the right approach?


Can everyone access and use it, or do barriers exist?

Major initiatives

There’s a lot of work to be done, and we’re just getting started. Here are our current priorities.

  • Building a design system
    for software

    A solid foundation yields a better product. We’re creating a system of tools and guidelines that will help developers implement good UX in the software they build.

  • Creating a network
    for developers

    We want to bring together the many talented developers at IU. We’re working on a resource hub for best UX and UI practices to create accessible, usable pieces of software.

What’s Next?

Why is UX for you? Because you want the best outcome: users who feel engaged and—most importantly—understood.

  • Learn about great UX

    Good UX meets a user’s needs. Great UX surpasses them.

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  • Get involved

    Make a difference. Your feedback can shape the future of UX at IU.

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  • Accessibility Review

    Help create a better user experience—for everyone.

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